The Top Three Reasons You Should Use WordPress for Your Website

It has become a necessity for today’s businesses to have a functional and attractive website, but creating that perfect site can be difficult. Between design, functionality, and hosting, it can be difficult to find the right mix to make your website work for you. With WordPress, there are a world of options available to make tailoring a site specifically to your business much simpler, and more affordable.

1. Flexibility to create and maintain your unique vision
WordPress allows for the development of any kind of website you can imagine. Whether you are looking for your site to have online ordering, blogging, separate retail and wholesale pages or online appointment setting, WordPress is the perfect platform to make your site a reality, with a variety of plugins and features for any of your site functionality needs. Your site can be completely tailored to your needs, either through one of thousands of WordPress’s own themes, or one of your own design, it’s all up to you!

2. Ease of Updating
Ever need to change a price on a product and find that you needed to go through a whole mess of programming just to update a number or two? With WordPress you get easy updating, so changes in price, business hours or other such information can be made with just a few clicks, rather than a complete recoding of your website. Photos and blogs can also be easily added at any time to add that extra spark to your page and help boost customer interest.

3. Search Engine Optimization
Google, and other top search engines, love WordPress websites. Because they are so frequently updated and well coded, they are more easily indexed by search engines, making them more likely to show up in top results. WordPress also has features for meta tagging keywords on individual pages, posts, photos and blogs, allowing users to focus their SEO on exactly the keywords of their choice. With over 250 million websites online, search engine optimization is a great, no cost way to make yours stand out in the crowd, and it is built right in to WordPress!

WordPress has become the go to tool for creating and hosting beautiful, functional websites, and allows for complete user freedom when it comes to design and functionality. No matter what your needs, they can be met with a WordPress site.

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